Jihad of barney

The Jihad to Destroy Barney is a popular form of Anti Barney Humor

Anti Barney Humor is a form of humor that involves poking fun of making parodies of Barney the Dinosaur. This humor has been around as long as Barney has been on TV. They can be most anything, from Barney becoming evil or getting killed in a gruesome way, to him being a pedophile and a rapist.


Ever since Barney first appeared on TV in the early 1990s, he was constantly given negativity, mainly though the shows lack of intelligence as well as happy go lucky mood. In the years, several parodies have been made of Barney, the most popular ones show him as evil, gay, or just plain dead or being killed.

Evil Barney Bus Driver and Evil Barney Babysitter are good examples of Anti Barney Humor. The Barney Bunch videos on Newgrounds and Youtube can be classified as such, but most videos focus more on Drew Pickles (Barney's boyfriend in the videos). Even cartoons are known to parody Barney, the most famous being Animaniacs. Heck, this wiki is the Anti-Barney megasource as well! Look around this wiki and you'll know what we're talking about!

Popular forms of Anti-Barney Humor