I Hate You,You Hate Me (also known as Let's Get Together and Kill Barney) is a popular song made up by the people who hate Barney.The song is about two kids getting together to kill Barney with a gun. After they kill Barney, they barbecue his head, flushes the body down the toilet, feed his tail to a whale,nand give his penis to a genie. The reason why this page is called version 1, is that there is another way of singing the song with different lyrics. See I Hate You,You Hate Me Version 2 for more infomation.


I hate you, you hate me

Let's get together and fuck barney

with a Big Shot gun

and shoot em in the head

then we'll check if he's dead.


Let's Kill Barney (Improved Version)01:19

Let's Kill Barney (Improved Version)

You can sing it!

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