The Evil Barney Song is the Barney theme song backwards. The song might be just jiberish junk to most people, but people who really hate Barney hear lyrics of the song in a different sort of way as shown below. The song is made by the same kids who sung The Regular Barney Song. This song can be found on YouTube and it is the first song on The Evil Barney Song Soundtrack.


Children:Ready? Go!

(Backwards music starts playing)

Children:Barney's so gentle, we sleep with him, were making out with him, we do revenge and suffer while he's mocking us. Can't believe we got that stupid smell, why is he here? Man, we got to buy some slippers and lots of sushi, no? And then we back and slay a Christian while you look so fat! (Random giberish) Bob Saget Nazi no?

(The music continues.)

Children:Asi es nuestro senor that's mocking mocking us and then that's how our lord is.

(The music continues in a Patriotic beat and then ends.)

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